2021 St. Louis Auto Show

Six dazzling and historic automobiles thrilled visitors at the 2021 Auto Show.  The vintage vehicles spanned the eras from right before the Second World War, then to the early 1950s, and finally to the 1970s.  All were showcased thanks to members of the Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri (HCCM) the oldest and largest car club of its type in the nation.

The theme for the exhibit was COMPARISONS.  The six cars allowed visitors to compare features in unique ways, said Gerald Perschbacher, LL.D., display coordinator.  “Two pre-war Cadillacs showed visitors gentle adjustments in features and designs used by car makers over nearly a five-year period before the world was changed by war.  Two 1950 Buicks allowed for comparisons between a four-door sedan and a fastback ‘Sedanet’ in post-war America.  Then a 1973 Plymouth Fury and a 1977 Chevrolet Corvette offered perhaps the widest range of sporty comparisons in the exhibit.”

Joe Yochim, current HCCM president, is convinced the 27 years that the organization has displayed cars at the Auto Show is quite a record.  Members working at the exhibit agree and will be on hand throughout show times to point out comparisons between the exhibited cars.

The club is quick to point out that the cars were selected with the theme of COMPARISONS which allowed visitors to see advancements, appreciate ingenuity, and understand comparisons BEYOND the exhibit.  Seeing the automotive advancements for 2021 in comparison to bygone years was a true learning experience that spans the decades.

The HCCM also appreciates the special effort of the following key members in making the display a reality:
Charles Gallagher, Mark Goldfeder, Neal McIntyre, Carl Riesinger, Richard Rottnek, Joseph Yochim, and Doug Birk.

Enjoy the picture from the event below: Photos of the HCCM at the 2021 Auto Show are used by permission of Gerald Perschbacher, LL.D., all rights reserved; one-time use beyond this website may be permitted upon request.