Automobile Row

On April 26, 2008 the Horseless Carriage Club and the Hilliker Corporation dedicated seven additional Historic Automotive Buildings along Locust Street as part of what is know as Automobile Row. This is the third phase of this joint project bringing the total buildings dedicated to 20.
This years Plaque Dedication was well attended and featured 72 Antique Automobiles from the 1950’s and earlier.  The unveiling ceremony included a float pulled by a 1949 Nash Tow Truck. On the float was a band, the Horseless Carriage Club President Dr. Gerald Perschbacher and local celeb Johnny Rabbit who read information about each building.
The buildings dedicated are:

1815 Locust     Weber Building
1900 Locust     Hupmobile Building
2201 Locust     Packard Building
2217 Locust     Studebaker Building
2223 Locust     Peerless Building
2300 Locust     Willys Building
2321 Locust     Mendenhall Building


On October 15, 2005 the Horseless Carriage Club and Ben Hilliker (Hilliker Corporation) dedicated six Historical Automobile Buildings along Locust as part of what has become know as Automobile Row. This was the second such dedication that the Hilliker Corporation and the Horseless Carriage Club have conducted. The first was held October 25, 2003 and dedicated nine Automotive related buildings along Loucust. Each building has a plaque mounted on the front with historical information about its early Automotive history.

For information about the 2005 dedication please see the article in the Nov-Dec 2005 Brass Lamp or visit the Huff Report here.

The Location & Buildings include:
2920 Locust       Cadillac Building
2926 Locust       Cole-Standard Building
3000 Locust       Nash Building
3015 Locust       Franklin Building
3016 Locust       Maxwell Building
3021 Locust       Velie Building
3030 Locust       Stearns-Knight Building
3033 Locust       Locomobile Building
3039 Locust       Stutz Building
3101 Locust       Dodge-Reo Building
3115 Locust       Moon Building
3201 Locust       Durant-Star Building
3222 Locust       Cadillac-Chrysler Building, Ford Building, Marmon Building