Club Logo

Our Club logo features a St. Louis motorcar.  This was the most popular early car manufactured exclusively in the City of St. Louis, which was also home to about 100 various makes of cars.  The St. Louis motorcar was constructed through the engineering genius of George P. Dorris, vice president of the company.  His car was able to run reliably (by the standards of that day) with sufficient power to conquer most hills and muddy roads.

The HCCM chose the St. Louis motorcar for its logo due to obvious reasons just mentioned.  Also, its use reflects the early influence of Mr. Dorris, who was one of the five founders of the club (December 1944).  He remained active up to his death (his obituary notice ran in the newspaper on Nov. 3, 1968).  He lived to be 94.  His descendents are involved with the HCCM and bring old St. Louis motorcars to select events.

Club Logo background provided by Gerald Perschbacher 1/09