St. Louis Auto Show

Collector Cars that are ‘SUPER-Keepers’

Automobiles are intended to provide personal transportation — but as time progresses, some cars develop a special aura that makes them SUPER-Keepers.  Seven prime examples are slated for exhibit at the 2023 St. Louis Auto Show, January 13-16,  at America’s Center and The Dome, 701 Convention Plaza.  The exhibit is by members of the Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri, Inc., the largest collector car club of its type in the Midwest.

Vehicles scheduled for the special exhibit cover cars from the 1930s through the 1970s — five consecutive decades of automobile progress. Those decades marked the creative advancement of the auto and contributed toward the progress on which present vehicles are built.

“The among vehicles is a 1934 Ford Cabriolet roadster — a snappy car, and an example of car design arising from the era of wood-and-steel body construction,” says Gerald Perschbacher, LL.D., display coordinator.  “Three of the display cars were made in the 1930s which shows advancements in that decade, then we move into the 1940s and 1950s, the sixties, and conclude with SUPER-Keepers in the 1970s.”

So, what MAKES a car a SUPER-Keeper?

Car owners say it is superb construction, outstanding design, and associated memories. For example, a 1956 Packard signed on for the exhibit.  It is super in its own right of technology in that era but is even more appreciated since the present owner had the car handed down from his father.  A 1947 Willys Jeep is to be in the exhibit as an ignitor of reams of memories held by former military folks who recall activities and abilities of the Jeep that made memorable impact on their lives.

Rarity is another reason some cars are SUPER-Keepers.  A 1935 Chrysler Imperial Airflow is a true classic that predicted future sleek styling.  Two Chevrolets (a 1932 open touring car and a 1961 Impala convertible) show why some surviving drop-top cars earned the status of  SUPER-Keepers.  An unrestored 1973 Plymouth Fury Gran Hardtop Sedan, fully loaded, has been cherished since new and is a reminder of many super memories of trips and activities with family and friends.

“SUPER-Keepers all,” say display participants. Club President John Hartmann agrees.  He and club members  are eager to converse with visitors at the show so that they, too, may build memories with cars old or new that play a part in their lives.

Weeks after the show, the Horseless Carriage Club of Missouri, Inc., will be holding its Concours d’Elegance on Easter Sunday at the Upper Muny parking lot in spacious Forest Park.